Capture: A Medieval Wargame is a game in which players use armies made up of Knights and Soldiers in an attempt to locate and capture one of the enemy crowns and safely return it to their home territory.

Game play is simple, elegant and suspenseful, combining strategic movement and positioning with deft dexterity and the luck of the bones. Capture plays like classic "capture the flag" where enemy pieces can be captured (and sent to the dungeon) only when they are in your territory, and your own captured pieces can be released if one of your pieces reaches the enemy dungeon.  The game also comes with a pair of catapults that allow you to fling boulders at the opposition forces. Knocking out a soldier will eliminate them, but it's not just your opponent's pieces that's are under threat!

Capture is a game that works with a wide range of players, from children who will delight in hurling boulders to take out their parents' pieces, to experienced hobby gamers who want to take the strategy element to the next level.



1 Rulebook
1 33x22 inch Game Board
20 Soldier Figurines
2 Knight stickers
2 Custom Dice
2 Spring-loaded Catapults and 4 Boulders
6 Crowns
18 Treasure Cards