What kinds of games are we looking for?

  • Games with innovative or unique elements

  • Games that have a fun and interesting theme that works really well with the game play

  • Games that typically take under 90 minutes to play

  • Games that set-up in under 10 minutes

  • Games that are simple to learn but have depth of game play

What kinds of games do we particularly like?

  • Games for the gamer in everyone (games that both hobbyists and newcomers could play and love)

  • Games with a thematic, mechanical, and presentation hook (something that simply makes you want to check it out)

  • Games that are exciting and immersive (the opposite of dry and clinical in feel)

  • Games that take 45-60 minutes to play

  • Games that need little or no set-up

What kinds of game are we NOT looking for?

  • Digital or video games

  • Games that require a particular pop culture license

  • Alternative versions of traditional games, such as chess or bridge

  • Purely abstract games (games that do not have a potential story, theme or setting)

  • Collectable Trading Card games

  • Games that are derivative of existing products

  • Toys, Puzzles or Novelty Items

Submission Form

If you'd like us to consider your game design for publishing, simply fill in the form below.  We receive a large quantity of submissions  and can't respond to all of them, but if we feel that the game could be a good fit for us we will contact you within 2 weeks to learn more.

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